Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reasons for Baby to come

Rhianon is in town,

The baby room is ready,

The to do list is dangerously close to being done,

I am done with work after saturday,

Sleep, cant get enough, my body seems to wake to easily.

I am thinking these are all good reasond for Baby Bakhuyzen to come SOON!

If he doesnt come soon I think I might take up carpentry and build a dining room table or something worse! I might just decide to start christmas shopping.

So, Brandon and I are excited, and mentally prepared. Waiting is not fun :( but we will have to. doctors appointment is on thursday, hopefully we'll get some good news!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

So cute!

I took a few pictures of my adorable nephew Caleb when I was babysitting him. Actually I take pictures every time i see him. With his Mommys camera, mine, my phone... you name it he is on it! So here is just a little bit of my joyful moments with him! I figure this is okay since mommy and daddy have pictures up too!


This is the first picture I have taken with Brandon in such a long time. I love capturing moments. With a camera in my hands I am not what you call artsy or talented. But I do know how to point and shoot. I lost my camera this summer when I lost my purse. So, Brandon being the great fiance that he is, got me a new one for Christmas! I love him... all the time!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Thanks Giving Weekend!

What's the Latest news?... Well, Brandon and I are planning a wedding! For us! Yes, We're engaged! I have been calling halls every day to get information from them and today my job is to set up some appointments with my favorite sites. I've been looking online for dress designers that I like and there are so many out there! Also I have been looking into churches and making up my guest list! So, there's not a lot of down time right now.
I find myself doing this in the car a lot.

How is the fiance, you ask? He is doing very well, he has been out snow plowing a lot lately. We have gotten so much snow. All weekend felt like we were inside of a snowglobe! He gets pretty tired and sometimes does not know what day it is. But he does a very good job and he has been working very hard.

We will keep you updated on the wedding planning and events to come!

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

You can take the description quite literally today.  On Friday I arrived home from work and scared three deer our of the back yard when I pulled in.  Thinking that that is the last of them that i will be seeing this night in particular was my first instinct.
Much to my surprise,  I was wrong.  After dinner i was helping Nana get on the toilet and my Dad came in with those words i won't forget. "You wanna shoot a deer tonight?" So I left her in the bathroom to hang out and much to my surprise there were four deer right up in the back yard mowing down on the grass.  I grabbed the 20 gauge, racked one in and snuck into my spot on the patio. I put the biggest doe on my cross hairs and waited... and waited... (wow how time crawls when your ready to shoot one!) finally she turned broadside and without hesitation, BOOM.  She took off slow and the three ran on behind her.  
I looked at Dad and said, thats how a woman hunts, turned around and finished helping Nana inside.  
For those of you still on the edge of your seat I blew that heart right up and she didn't make it into the woods.  I'm going to have to work on putting a video up so that you can see it!

Monday, August 25, 2008


And a new season for sports has turned over again. Softball went well this summer. Our team ended up standing in first place for the league season and got third in the tournament. So that was a fun season! Soccer is going strong we have our last game for first place tomorrow and then start the fall season next week. And another sport I'm picking up... Volleyball. It's always been a fun pass time but never a serious sport for me. Anita is coaching and she needs an assistant so I am going to be doing that this fall for potters house. So there is a lot going on but it's fun!
Other than that, there's not much new in the news.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Things have been very eventful lately. Saturday I spent the afternoon looking for a Nintendo Wii and had no luck. Apparently they arent shiped into the US anymore which makes this very difficult. But Brandon managed to find one on Craigs list after I gave up; due to the large abundance of frustration that had come over me. So, we spent the afternoon installing and setting up the Game, creating Miis and bowling! Wii is a blast! So, check out Craigs list!
Now that i have my sponsor taken care of, I can get on with the rest of my life.
I have been playing soccer on a couple of different indoor leagues, i don't recomend it if you don't want to experience a small case of (soccer) burnout.
Softball starts soon!
My birthday is on Friday! (just incase anyone has forgotten) I will update you with the events later, because it is unknown to me what I will be doing.
Work is going very well, i am loving it.
And i am looking forward most to my trip in a few weeks to GUAM!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I know, I know, It's been forever.

But I couldn't remember all my log in information, now i remember. I sat here forever and just tried combinations of things until I got it right.

As for an update, this new profile picture of Lyndsie and me is from the first week in January when we went Snowmobling with Brandons family. I was a great time, we rode about 130 Miles on saturday, I was a lot, but it was a good time!

I love the snow!